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A groundbreaking platform, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer an extensive array of tools for enriching and customizing student learning.

Cognitive Science

to help students master math concepts through interactive problem-solving

Artificial Intelligence
Driven Adaptability

Adaptiv’Math’s adaptive approach ensures that students are consistently engaged at the optimal level of challenge, creating a dynamic and tailored learning environment

Engaging Interfaces
& UX

Adaptiv’Math’s user-centric approach creates a seamless and intuitive student experience

What is Adaptiv’Math?

A platform that offers personalized learning paths for each student, drawing on a database of over 8,000 self-correcting exercises, presented in 3 modules. This provision of a “Toolkit” for problem-solving equips students with invaluable resources to express their reasoning and apply classroom-taught strategies.

It is meticulously designed to align seamlessly with the intricate web of math standards. With Adaptiv’Math’s innovative approach, we combine interactive problem-solving, meticulous data collection, and precisely targeted instructional methodologies to bridge the critical gaps in elementary-level math education.

3 modules

Numbers and calculation

Cognitive science research indicates that humans possess the capability to perceive and process quantities in an approximate manner. Module 1 aims to develop fundamental mathematical knowledge by training and refining this innate ability, also known as “number sense”.

Arithmetic Problem Solving

When confronted with a school concept, students have intuitive conceptions from their everyday lives, which they need to overcome to achieve a real understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts. Module 2 aims to guide students to gain a better mental representation of mathematical concepts by offering exercises to support their development.

Scale and measurement

It provides students with new contexts to deepen their understanding of key concepts in quantities, units, and the mastery of operations. This is achieved by leveraging on their pre-existing intuitive and counter-intuitive conceptions regarding these topics.


One of Adaptiv’Math’s standout features is its AI-driven adaptability in presenting math content. This adaptive approach ensures that students are consistently engaged at the optimal level of challenge, creating a dynamic and tailored learning environment.

Teacher Support

Adaptiv’Math provides extensive support for teachers including instructional videos on the curriculum and how to take advantage of the learning analytics on the dashboard to track students’ progress.

User-Friendly Interface

Adaptiv’Math extends its user-centric approach to students, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. The platform offers clear guidance on module tasks and activities, allowing students to navigate effortlessly.

Progress Tracking

Students take ownership of their learning journey through personalized exercises. These dashboards serve as powerful motivators, encouraging students to work diligently toward their educational goals.